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Being "discovered" is not an accident.

Getting discovered doesn't happen by accident---' however, with Diane Dick as your guide in this fashion and entertainment industry, you are in capable hands. Her passion and dedication to the business, combined with her strong work ethic and incredible eye, gives proven results and makes her an internationally recognized powerhouse.

Diane and her carefully chosen team of professionals in the field of modeling and talent prepare, nurture, and develop the individual to enable each of them to live up to their potential. Diane brings unmatched knowledge, passion, and integrity to her commitment to each person. 

This is our promise of dedication to everyone pursuing their future endeavors in this exciting and lucrative business.

Persistence and passion will triumph, always... 

- What We Do -

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        Having started her own modeling career when she was just 12 years-old, Diane really took off after signing with an agency in Albuquerque at 19. Realizing many successes and having appeared in fashion print, runway, commercials and film, Diane developed deep roots and acumen within the businesses of fashion and entertainment. Inspired by her own mentors, she then turned her passion toward others and opened the doors to the Diane Dick International Model & Talent Agency in Amarillo, Texas. Experience and a strong work ethic have earned her a rock solid track record for over 30 years. She is a charter member of the International Modeling and Talent Association and works with models and talent to prepare them for the international stage whether that is a cat walk or a movie set.


     Her exuberance, enthusiasm, love of life and genuine sincerity have made her a world-renowned success.  Her lifetime of experience and roster of the freshest & brightest talent is a constant; but, if you ask Diane, she will tell you that she is the luckiest woman in the world because she gets to work at a job she loves and with people she loves to work with.


"Don't dream about success; work for it."

—  Diane Dick



Diane Dick


Business Owner


Michelle Dick



Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist 

Meet The Team

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