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Introducing Colin Kennedy

Q: What brought you in to Diane Dick International Model and Talent Agency?

A: I have been contemplating being a model for a while. My Godmother Jennifer Mann told me that her high school friend Michelle Dick’s mother, Diane had a modeling agency. She shared that Diane’s agency has been around for many years. I got on the phone with Michelle, fell in love, then got in contact with Diane in which after that phone call we scheduled a trip to Texas to shoot with Udo Spreitzenbarth. At that shoot I fell in love and signed up for Diane’s fast track class and IMTA Los Angeles.

Q: What are your impressions of this business after your initial exposure to the agency, modeling, and IMTA?

A: From the second I got to the Palo Duro Canyon for the Udo Spreitzenbarth shoot I fell in love! I knew that this business is very competitive, however very fun at the same time. Getting all the things done for the shoot (i.e. hair, makeup, outfit styling) was a very fun experience and to think that I can do this as a career is very fascinating to me.

Q: What are your ultimate goals involving the modeling and talent business?

A: My goal in this business is to be the next big thing! I want Diane to get my name out there to many companies and then take it from there. I would love to one day be a model for designer brands and maybe even be on the cover page of a BIG fashion magazine.

Q: What does your workout routine look like? How about your diet (be completely honest!)

A: To be completely honest I do not workout on a daily basis, however, I have been working out a lot more recently. As for my diet, I have just been watching how much I eat and what it contains, (i.e. the amount of fat, and calories in the food I eat). My workout routine and diet is definitely something that I am working on.

Q: What are some of your major accomplishments (or secret talents)?

A: A major accomplishment in my personal life is getting accepted to St. Petersburg Collegiate High School which is a High school program in my area which enables you to get your Associate's Degree at the same time of graduating High School on time. My life is full of accomplishments and I am fulfilling more each day!


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